Sunday, April 8, 2007


When I was in fifth grade, I was introduced to these clever puzzles - I don't know their name - where words and letters were manipulated to become common phrases.

So {theabirdhand} would be "a bird in the hand", and a box with the word BLACK on the outside of it... "blackout."

Which all goes to explaining the title of this post.

I have a few actual recurring visitors by this point. (Welcome, by the way. Except for the guy - I'm guessing it's a guy - who keeps finding me by way of the Google search for "disney porn." You, sir, can feel free to move right along. Nothing to see here. No, really. Nothing to see.)

Those visitors - even you, gentle reader - may be wondering where all the fresh content might be. And I would love to share some with you.

But, I'm on Passover hiatus. Better bloggers than I have managed to post with some frequency during the holiday, but I have not. And did not actually think I would.

BUT! Be here next week, when I do post. Words I would have not guessed I would ever type: I think Bill Patry just plain misses the point.

Now that's a teaser!

Have a good one.

--Ben D. Manevitz



Blogger Ronald Coleman said...

Don't be overly impressed. I am running a volume-based business.

April 18, 2007 5:15 PM  

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