Monday, September 21, 2009

I'm baaaa...ack!

We'll see if it sticks, but here I am. Brand new year (Jewish, anyway). Brand new lawfirm. (don't bother clicking - the site's not up yet.) Brand new blog (sorta - not really. It's in the works, with the website).

But if I keep waiting for everything to be just right, I'll miss all sorts of cool bloggy opportunities.

Dear Mr. Reader,

Please excuse Buan from having been absent from his blog for so long. The heat has been off in his law firm and he had to keep his snake warm.

Signed, Epstein's Mom.


Friday, April 20, 2007

Long Hiatus. (m'I woN - wards)

So the hiatus went a little long; I've got no real excuse, just that things got a little hectic.

There's some balance in the fact that these posts are relatively long; I'm not trying to for three or five posts a day, more like one or maybe two a week, hopefully with some insight.

So my overlong hiatus really only amounts to one (or maybe two) missed posts. Which, I know, is one or two too many, but still.

The bigger problem is that I end up with a backlog of things to write about, and I'm going to have to just skip some of them.

Also, I want to give a shout-out to Fran, who gave me a little poke in the bum on this.


PS: "Now I'm" backwards, less 'wards' = "Now I'm back"


Sunday, April 8, 2007


When I was in fifth grade, I was introduced to these clever puzzles - I don't know their name - where words and letters were manipulated to become common phrases.

So {theabirdhand} would be "a bird in the hand", and a box with the word BLACK on the outside of it... "blackout."

Which all goes to explaining the title of this post.

I have a few actual recurring visitors by this point. (Welcome, by the way. Except for the guy - I'm guessing it's a guy - who keeps finding me by way of the Google search for "disney porn." You, sir, can feel free to move right along. Nothing to see here. No, really. Nothing to see.)

Those visitors - even you, gentle reader - may be wondering where all the fresh content might be. And I would love to share some with you.

But, I'm on Passover hiatus. Better bloggers than I have managed to post with some frequency during the holiday, but I have not. And did not actually think I would.

BUT! Be here next week, when I do post. Words I would have not guessed I would ever type: I think Bill Patry just plain misses the point.

Now that's a teaser!

Have a good one.

--Ben D. Manevitz


Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Here we go.

Well, here we go, then.

Welcome to my nascent blog. I've been a pretty regular visitor to the various legal blogs (I resent the word blawg as much as I embrace the word blog) for a while now, and have found myself thinking, once in a while, that I should get me one of those. And here we are.

Does the blog world need one more legal blog? Does the legal world need one more IP blog? Maybe. Here's hoping you what you encounter here is more signal than noise.

--Ben D. Manevitz

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